This e-learning trend can be used to efficiently meet your data science goals

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It’s now reasonable to compliment someone by saying they have the attention span of a goldfish.

Where humans were once thought to be the superior race with an attention span of 12 whole seconds, studies over the last 15 years have shown the average human attention span drop to 8.25 seconds.

The attention span of a goldfish is 9 seconds.

With the average human checking their inbox 30 times every hour, picking up their phone more than 1,500 times per week (with a usage of 3 hours and 16 minutes per day), and only reading an average of 28% of…

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Fear is no reason to not pursue a passion, especially if that fear is all in your head

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As someone who failed math in high school, I feel particularly qualified to write this article.

I didn’t know much about the data science world until I stumbled onto Medium and discovered the Towards Data Science publication. From the first article I read, I was hooked.

Data science incorporates everything I love about tech with science, business, medicine, engineering, and just about any other field you can think of. As someone trying to get into the environmental consulting world, I knew that data science could be the arrow in my quiver that seals the deal.

I knew that I had…

I’m using these habits in 2021 to become a more effective future data scientist

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When it comes to breaking into the field of data science, you need to use every trick in the book to give yourself that one advantage that pushes you over the finish line.

So why not try to emulate the habits of the best in the business?

This article isn’t a “get rich quick” method to becoming an efficient data scientist. Instead, it shows the habits that have helped the best data scientists get to where they are.

It’s often said that a data scientist’s worth is determined by the impact they can have on an organization. …

Unique tips to help you become multi-programming-language-lingual.

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Learning a new programming language is much like learning to speak a new natural language.

However, as I’m sure many of my bilingual and polyglot friends would agree, it can sometimes get confusing to switch between two or more languages.

For example, my native language is English, but I was enrolled in French Immersion in school. While this certainly paid off and made me perfectly fluent in both languages, it did have some unintended consequences when I was working in English. For the longest time, I would add E’s onto many words or I would place the dollar sign at…

A cheat sheet containing the most fundamental concepts and formulas to get you started in statistics.

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Having failed math before, I was going into my first undergraduate-level statistics course in fear.

I was afraid of more than just mathematics though. I was afraid of the lack of career opportunities I would have if I couldn’t get through a simple statistics course. Obsessed with the thought of becoming a data scientist, I was terrified of not being able to build one of the fundamental skills that all data scientists need: the ability to understand and carry out statistical procedures.

I needn’t have worried though. Despite my trepidation, I passed the course easily with 82% (an A-) and…

It’s time to step away from the safety net that is micro habits.

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I love micro habits. Micro habits are the perfect catalysts for change.

These tiny daily tasks have taken the world by storm and have been a trending topic for the last year. And why shouldn’t they be?

Micro habits are the alleged golden ticket to achieving big goals. Why? Because everyone has time to complete a micro habit every day. The name itself screams, “I’m attainable”.

Whether it’s avoiding coffee after 4 pm, writing one paragraph a day, meditating for 10 minutes, smoking one less cigarette, or going for a walk, micro habits are considered the compounded interest of the…

An overview of how to succeed in the “original” data analyst professional certificate

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The big brother to the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate, the IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate offers the Python-based counterpart to the same formula: an online, self-paced data analyst course provided by a historical name in the tech game.

Nowadays, the ability to earn an industry-recognized certificate to enhance your resume from one of the heavy-hitters in the tech industry is enough to make anyone’s head turn. …

Understanding the omnipresent C/C++ skill requirement in job descriptions gives you a leg up as a candidate

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Nine times out of ten, you will come across a job ad that lists C/C++ as a skill requirement.

No matter the company, the job title, or the salary, you will likely find that the job description lists C/C++ as a required skill. Better yet, they want you to have 10+ years of experience using these technologies.

Why are these two languages from the 70s and 80s required for modern-day software developer positions?

Some will joke and say it’s because the employers are looking for candidates over the age of 50. Others will say it’s because the HR hiring managers…

Day batching will help give you your life back as a maker.

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As a new content creator, you probably have 536 tasks to complete before the end of a week comprised of increasingly short days.

The worst part is that you’re also probably like the rest of us and have some combination of a short attention span, a tendency towards procrastination, and probably several other plates spinning in the air.

This common reality for content creators leaves many of us drowning in tasks and stress, which often results in a mindset that isn’t conducive to entering that elusive flow state that so many creators dream about. In other words, the more tasks…

This trusted weight-training principle can also be used to efficiently train your mind

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There’s a lot that data scientists can learn from weightlifters.

Of course, there’s the whole thing about stepping away from the computer and leading a healthy lifestyle, but there’s also something more important that can be gained from this unlikely source of information.

Weightlifters can teach data scientists how to learn.

By taking a page out of a weightlifter’s training program, data scientists can begin effectively and consistently improving their skills in 6 weeks using this trusted training method.

What is the progressive overload method?

Progressive overload is a tried-and-true weight-training method that is used to create consistent strength gains over the course of a pre-determined…

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