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Fear is no reason to not pursue a passion, especially if that fear is all in your head

As someone who failed math in high school, I feel particularly qualified to write this article.

I didn’t know much about the data science world until I stumbled onto Medium and discovered the Towards Data Science publication. From the first article I read, I was hooked.

Data science incorporates everything I love about tech with science, business, medicine, engineering, and just about any other field you can think of. As someone trying to get into the environmental consulting world, I knew that data science could be the arrow in my quiver that seals the deal.

I knew that I had…

I’m using these habits in 2021 to become a more effective future data scientist

When it comes to breaking into the field of data science, you need to use every trick in the book to give yourself that one advantage that pushes you over the finish line.

So why not try to emulate the habits of the best in the business?

This article isn’t a “get rich quick” method to becoming an efficient data scientist. Instead, it shows the habits that have helped the best data scientists get to where they are.

It’s often said that a data scientist’s worth is determined by the impact they can have on an organization. …

Unique tips to help you become multi-programming-language-lingual.

Learning a new programming language is much like learning to speak a new natural language.

However, as I’m sure many of my bilingual and polyglot friends would agree, it can sometimes get confusing to switch between two or more languages.

For example, my native language is English, but I was enrolled in French Immersion in school. While this certainly paid off and made me perfectly fluent in both languages, it did have some unintended consequences when I was working in English. For the longest time, I would add E’s onto many words or I would place the dollar sign at…

Forcing myself through writer's block was not part of the success.

I didn’t get into the top 10% of monthly earners by forcing myself through writer’s block or by publishing an article every single day.

Nor did I begin making over $100 a month by promoting my articles on social media or using clickbait headlines.

While my success (as I define it) isn’t as shocking as some of those who accomplished the same thing in less time, I still managed to do what I didn’t think possible when I began writing.

Since I’ve come across many smoke-and-mirrors articles in my time that has distorted the reality of what writing as a…

This hardcore learning style is perfectly suited to the difficult nature of data science

The one thing that all data scientists can agree on is that data science is hard to learn.

But what sets apart the learning experience of those who learned data science in 6 months from those whose journeys have dragged on for years?

The answer may come down to the method of learning they used.

While those who joined FAANG companies after only a few months of study will say that it was their dedication and tireless work ethic that helped them learn data science concepts, there may be more to the story than them putting in 80-hour learning weeks.

Believing the 10,000-hour myth will hurt you as a creator.

Somewhere along the way, it became gospel that it takes 10,000 hours to learn a skill.

For creators, 10,000 hours don’t exist unless they became creators 10 years ago. For today’s future entrepreneurs, freelancers, and content creators, the need for a quicker ROI is imperative to survive in this burgeoning industry, especially when becoming a creator is often a transition move away from the safety net of a 9-to-5.

The trick is to not believe everything you read.

How we got here — the birth of the 10,000-hour rule as we know it.

Similar to how you may tell your mother that you’ve gotten a new job and then by the time the news trickles…

This e-learning trend can be used to efficiently meet your data science goals

It’s now reasonable to compliment someone by saying they have the attention span of a goldfish.

Where humans were once thought to be the superior race with an attention span of 12 whole seconds, studies over the last 15 years have shown the average human attention span drop to 8.25 seconds.

The attention span of a goldfish is 9 seconds.

With the average human checking their inbox 30 times every hour, picking up their phone more than 1,500 times per week (with a usage of 3 hours and 16 minutes per day), and only reading an average of 28% of…

The tech industry isn’t just developers and engineers.

It seems like everyone and their dogs are now pushing themselves to learn how to code.

I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point, people began to believe that learning to code was their golden ticket to a fulfilling and lucrative career. While that’s all well and good, the problem remains that very few who teach themselves to code will end up in a software developer role. So what happens from there?

The tech industry employs thousands of people in jobs that actually don’t require any knowledge of code. These jobs are perfect for those seasoned programmers looking…

A review and comparison of the top three data analyst certificates currently on the market.

It seems that every heavy-hitter has come out with their own version of the same thing: a professional data analyst certification, destined to make you the next hot commodity for employers.

With Google recently dropping the latest data analytics curriculum in March, the holy trinity of professional certificates is now complete.

In the last decade, it’s become clear that studying data analytics can be just the thing to push your career to new heights. Furthermore, with an ever-growing pool of unfilled job openings (337,400 job openings in data analytics in the United States alone), every big company is now coming…

A quick introduction to web scraping and how to do it legally.

With exabytes (that’s one quintillion bytes, by the way) of data being produced each day, web scraping is becoming a popular and essential tool for any current or future data scientist.

However, web scraping isn’t as simple as it looks.

The biggest issue surrounding web scraping is the legality of accessing a website’s information. Lawsuits surrounding the illegal scraping of a website’s content have been around since the early 2000s, with big names such as Facebook and LinkedIn being at the forefront of well-publicized legal battles.

With that being said, web scraping is not by nature illegal, if done correctly…

Madison Hunter

CAN | Geoscience BSc undergrad student | Software Dev graduate | Words in The Startup, Towards Data Science, Better Programming, and Climate Conscious

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